Valuing Special Properties


The Challenge

  • How do I know the value of my property?

For special properties, "comparable sales" may be tough to come by. How, then, can you know what your property is worth?

The Landvest solution

LandVest begins by understanding what it is you own. Important elements include:

  • Close inspection of your deed
  • Zoning research
  • Checking for easements you may have or that may exist over your property

Using this information and listening to your goals, we determine what can be done with your property and offer recommendations:

  • Is its value highest in its current use; or
  • Do other options exist that might yield a higher value?

Learn more about how LandVest has helped property owners solve the challenges of appraisal and land planning in the following case study:

Pleasant Valley Farm, Goshen, NY

For more information: Contact us to see how LandVest can help you solve your unique challenges and needs.