Services Overview


Our Mission

LandVest has but one goal:

Helping Property Owners Make Informed Decisions

LandVest’s services grow out of our roots in serving New England's great families whose real estate holdings include great houses and estates, undeveloped land, and timberland.

LandVest has broad expertise in

  • Real Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Real Estate Sales & Marketing
  • Timberland Sales
  • Timberland Management

LandVest's services are comprehensive. Clients can use whichever services are useful to them in meeting their own needs.

LandVest has clients who come to us to market their property but who do not require consulting services;

LandVest also has clients who have asked for appraisal work or forestry services, but do not intend to sell their property

Real Estate Consulting Group

LandVest's Real Estate Consulting Group offers land planning, real estate appraisal, and project management services both nationally and internationally. Specific real estate services include:

  • Appraising unique properties where there are few or no comparable sales
  • Assisting in estate planning, helping clients conserve their property
  • Exploring the feasibility and economics of property development.

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Luxury Real Estate Sales Group

LandVest's Luxury Real Estate Sales Group markets fine homes, estates, and land in our home base in New England and for distinctive properties nationwide and internationally.

LandVest properties are known for their

  • exceptional quality
  • uniqueness, and
  • sense of place.

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As a Christie's International Real Estate affiliate, LandVest has unsurpassed connections to high net worth individuals and distinctive properties in the U.S. and abroad.

The Timberland Division

LandVest's Timberland Division

  • Provides consulting forestry services
  • Assists timberland owners and investors in buying and selling timberlands
  • Provides valuation and planning services for timber properties nationwide.

LandVest's forestry staff currently manages over 750,000 acres for private investors utilizing the most progressive silvicultural, land, and business management practices to achieve our client's goals.

Superior stewardship to the forest resource is primary to our land use ethic.

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