Marketing Timberland


The Challenge

  • How can I best market my timberland property when it contains Higher and Better Use (HBU) components?

When the path of development encroaches on the urban/forest boundary, property owners often find that their initial timberland investment has a higher and better use other than timber production. Marketing timberland with an HBU component adds another layer of complexity.

The Landvest solution

A well researched and executed disposition plan is the key to unlocking the value hidden in timberland properties with higher and better use.

A LandVest disposition plan combines our expertise in:

  • Timberland Investment
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Marketing

Determine components of value, timing and target market. By creating a land use plan for the property, potential buyers can easily recognize the property's value beyond timber production. Through marketing the property to multiple interests, buyers are forced to compete

For more information: Contact us to learn more about how LandVest has helped property owners unlock the HBU value in their timberland properties.