Conservation Planning


The Challenge

  • How can I ensure that my land is protected from development in the future?
  • How can I work to protect the land around me?

Many property owners are concerned with how to ensure that their land is stewarded after they are gone. They may have heard about tax benefits of conservation solutions, but are concerned about limiting their choices in the future or reducing the value of their property.

The Landvest solution

Conservation planning can help a property owners protect their property or the land around them.

  • Financial Cost to the Property Owners?
    Tax deductions - income, property and estate - can make land protection efforts affordable, and often even competitive with selling to a developer.
  • What is most important?
    Helping a property owner understand their choices, and working through alternatives and their financial consequences.

Conservation planning, done poorly, can limit a property's value and future marketability. However, done well, it can make a property very attractive, even enhance property values, while ensuring the preservation of the property into the future.

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