Bidding Closed

Green River Timberlands, LLC has retained LandVest, Inc. as its advisor in the disposition of the Green River Tree Farm. Located in southern King County of Washington State, this 15,288±-acre property is an excellent example of professionally managed west-slope timberland dominated by Douglas-fir with complimentary volumes of hemlock and other whitewood species.

Lying predominantly in broad benches or gentle slopes between 1,500 and 3,000 feet, the timberlands are typical of the foothills of the western Washington Cascades. 81% of the property is classified as available timberland. Total volume on Green River is estimated at 84,400 MBF. Species composition favors Douglas-fir at 55% of total volume and hemlock/whitewood at 40%. Near-term harvest opportunities are available within the 3,484± acres classified as aged 36 years and older. Green River truly excels, however, in the abundance of sub-merchantable timber. A total of 7,147 acres, or 47% of gross acres, fall within the key 20-35-year age-class. The maturity profile of the timberlands, being heavily skewed to the sub-merchantable category, allows for significant value appreciation in the next decade.

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