Helping land owners make informed decisions


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Helping land owners make informed decisions

Real estate holdings make up the majority of most individuals and institution's assets. A team of specialists is often required for complex or unique properties. However, benefits can be lost if individual specialists are contracted without a unified vision.

Land owners often do not know where to turn for real estate advice

  • A broker can sell a property for you, but is limited in his or her ability to value more complex or unique properties because they are relying on comparable sales (which may not exist) or development plans and cash flows...
  • An appraiser can generally tell you what your property is worth, but needs you to hire a land planner or engineer to determine development potential, or if a significant portion of your property is forested, needs you to retain a forester to provide timber volumes and values...
  • An engineer can explore development alternatives but can't tell you what plan is the most valuable or which best fits your needs...
  • A forester can provide you with advice on timberland: forest management plans and cash flow projections but may not be able to tell you what that means to the value of your land in the future, or what alternative uses and values your property may have...

What to do?

Come to LandVest.

For 40 years LandVest has been Helping Land Owners Make Informed Decisions because we can provide comprehensive advice on complex real estate issues.

LandVest's expertise draws from our roots in assisting New England's major families and their advisors. Many of these families owned inland and oceanfront estates, undeveloped land, and/or timber properties, and came to us for help in decision making.

Out of meeting their needs has grown LandVest's ability to provide advice about land planning and appraisal, forestry, and marketing of major properties.

The Key to Our Clients' Satisfaction is

  • LandVest professionals who can solve problems in a simple and straightforward way.